Take a moment and think about a few areas in life where you would like to induce a positive change. Are you as healthy as you can be? Are you looking to reduce or eliminate debt? Perhaps you would like to own a home, buy a second property, setup a college fund for your kids, build up a slush fund, or maybe just add a little extra income to help pay the bills?

The wealthy understand the need to build assets which generate positive cash flow. While there are a number of asset classes through which this may be accomplished (e.g. owning rental income properties, purchasing dividend-producing stocks or annuities), an alternative method which requires very little money but rather "sweat equity" is running a business from home. Thousands of us enjoy receiving weekly income from the businesses which we have grown with USANA. The range of income earned varies significantly according to the production generated within our organizations—from those who simply want to enjoy their monthly product consumption for free—to those who have completely replaced and/or exceeded that earned from their prior full-time jobs and subsequently retired early. The business model scales to accommodate all ranges of needs and goals.

While we build our businesses as assets which may be passed onto future generations, we also experience the health benefits of enjoying the top rated supplements in the world as well as other nutritional and personal care products. Press Play in the box below for a brief overview of the company's history and an introduction to its science-based product lines.

Introduction to USANA Health Sciences

Have you ever recommended a great movie, a favorite bottle of wine, or a fantastic restaurant to a friend or family member? Odds are that you have, as it is natural for most of us to share the positive experiences we have from a product or service with those whom we wish to enjoy the same benefits. This is the foundation for "word-of-mouth" or relationship marketing. It is the most powerful and effective way to spread an idea about a product or service since the word is passed from one trusted individual within a relationship to another based on the positive outcome experienced by the referring individual.

I personally am and will be a customer of USANA's products for life, as I have experienced significant benefits from daily use of a number of the products from both the supplement and food lines. As I help other customers with similar interests or health challenges experience benefits from the products, my business grows from the repeat ordering and consumption of the products by these customers. My business expands exponentially as I teach others how to find and help customers as I do, as well as train their fellow business partners to find and service customers. Press Play in the box below learn more about how this use of leverage in a network is utilized in this business model.

Business Overview

If you are looking for way build an asset via a proven model which has low financial risk, minimal start-up and overhead costs, and a significant potential to generate substantial weekly income, you have found it! Press Play in the box below to see how easy it is get started.

Getting Started

For more detailed information on how you may earn a weekly income using this business model with USANA's compensation plan, watch the video below.

I know you have questions, so contact me and let's discuss which of the startup options is best aligned with your interests and goals and help you begin securing your financial future today!

USANA Health Sciences is known for manufacturing the highest quality products backed by a potency guarantee. To ensure you and your family are receiving genuine world-class USANA products, purchase them only through your independent USANA Associate or www.usana.com.
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